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  Winches, Haulages and Scrapers
Pikrose are a major supplier to the home and export market of Winches, Haulages and Scrapers. Our comprehensive range includes Compressed Air, Electric Vehicle or Hydraulic Powered Units, starting from 15kW up to large Haulages of 750kw.
The Units can be used for the transportation of men, materials and minerals whether on level roadways or steep gradients. All Haulages are designed in accordance with relevant Regulations and incorporate all appropriate 'Safety Devices'.
  British Electric Vehicles
The BEV Division has designed and manufactured for over 75 years, a wide range of standard and purpose built industrial trucks and rail transfer cars for use in:- Smelters, Steel works, Nuclear plants, Railways and Terminals.
Included in the BEV range is a variety of Battery and Trolley wire Locomotives for use in the mining and civil engineering industries.
  Railer Rolling Stock
Pikrose 'Railer' Manriding and Materials Vehicles are specifically designed to operate alongside any existing rolling stock. The vehicles can be used with Rope Haulages or Locomotives and are used for rapid deployment of men and materials.
Railer Braking systems have been developed for the vehicles incorporating 'fail to safety' gravity track brakes, spring induced calliper brakes and air applied wheel brakes.
Developed along side the systems is a comprehensive selection of Rope Management and Vehicle Trapping Accessories.
  Mechanical Handling
To meet the demands of industry for productivity, costs and quality, Pikrose offer a total package solution from design through manufacture and commissioning of bespoke machinery or complete handling systems.
In many cases this involves the integrated design of special machines complete with hydraulic, pneumatic, electric and intelligent controls.

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