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All 20 tonne capacity Bogie Turntable designed to
carry rail bogies of standard 1.44m rail gauge. The
turntable is electrically driven with inverter speed
control under fully automatic electronic regulation of
acceleration, speed and position with safety
interlocks, direction and limit proving devices. Bogie
positional sensing interlocks and restraint devices
ensure totally safe manoeuvring.
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The Chock Tilter is a hydraulic manipulator for the
rotating of 16 tonne mill chocks from a vertical
position to a horizontal plane for maintenance and
bearing replacement. The ram forces of up to 30
tonne are finely controlled to allow the load to be
stopped and held at any rotational position.

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The Roll Change Tug, a rail mounted electrically
driven unit for the transport of trolley mounted rolls
weighing up to 70 tonne at speeds of up to 15

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The Crimping Machine sits over a conveyor; boxes
containing nuclear waste pass under the crimping
machine where hydraulic arms clamp the box in
position. Folding rollers fold each of the four sides
in turn in two stages. Crimping heads then crimp
the box edge at nominal intervals. The whole process
is operated via a Programmable Logic Controller
which integrates into a complete handling system.

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Loopers of either hydraulic or pneumatic design have
been manufactured for the overseas market;
designed to take the slack out of the steel strip as
it passes between various rolling mill stands, thus
ensuring quality and thickness tolerance of the final
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These Material Handling Containers for toxic waste
are manufactured to extremely high positional
tolerances and are tested to a demanding design
specification prior to applying the final surface
coating and internal texturing. Other containers of
varying size, material and specification are
manufactured to specific customer requirements.
Prototype containers are developed for customers.

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